Call centre 1900 service: a portal for information, entertainment, commerce and sports, making it possible for one call to reach multiple destinations from a single signing-in number. This centralised call centre is widely applied in enterprises, customer service call centres, entertainment polling and online commerce.

Benefits for callers:

·         Possible to make calls from anywhere  with only 1 prefix to remember

·         Costs per call vary according to fees charged and requirements

Benefits for service providers:

·         Easy to promote with only one number to remember

·         A new business model on the phone network for support and entertainment services

Rate calculation:

For corporate clients using our 1900 call center service to provide information, entertainment and commerce, initial set-up costs will be free of charge and customer will receive commission per month. Service providers will use traffic volume to their 1900 number to allocate rates.


·          Free connection set-up: 1,500,000 VND/number/connection (including VAT)

·         Subscription: 440,000 VND (including VAT)

Partners and Customers